Hi there!  Welcome to my first {real} attempt at entering blogworld.  I’m so glad you came by.

I’m Jen – a 30ish retired gypsy with quite a bit of wanderlust still pumping through my veins.  Just the other day I was recalling that I’ve lived in 13 different cities, spanning both U.S. coasts and across three continents in the past 12 years!  Needless to say, I’ve always loved to travel and learn about new cultures and people.  Some of those travels have been work-related, others were with a focus to share Christ, others for school, and some for simply a new sense of adventure.

But after awhile it got a bit exhausting, and lately I’ve found myself  wanting to settle in a bit.  I’m single and no kids or hubby to be nesting for yet.  While I’m by no means done traversing the globe, these days most of my explorations take place right at home with a growing stash of crafty bits. Things like fabric, beads, embroidery thread, sprinkles, pastry tips, mason jars, and spray paint.  I splurged on the two-bedroom just so I have a place to put it all. 🙂

Banana Nutella Cupcakes

I’ve got two great parents and three siblings.  My oldest brother is married with a family of his own.  Sometimes, I still can’t believe we’re all “grownups” already…  I’m the second-oldest in the family, and boy, does that place in line influence my personality!  More on that some other time, if I feel like it.

I’m also blessed with very loyal friends from lots of different corners of the country and the world, and thank Jesus for my meaningful friendships.  He often shows himself to me through my friends.

Oh, I guess I should mention…  I recently quit my job and moved 300 miles to become a full-time student again.  Yay for following passions and making life-changing decisions in this economy.  Go me!  In all seriousness though, I decided to head back to school so I can finally become a high school guidance counselor.  I’m pretty passionate about educational equity and related social justice issues, but you won’t find too much of that here.  This is just a space for me to store my attempts at being creative all in one place – recipes, projects to do, works in progress…  Because my offline life is just as scattered as my “about me” page.

{Cheers from my going away party!}

Oh yeah… one more thing… Made Wonderfully?   It’s not just what I hope we’ll think about all my makes, it’s also a nod to one of my all-time favorite verses:

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well.” – Psalm 139.14

So, how does that make you feel? 😉


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